Dr Dacre Hamilton, General Dentist

Dr Hamilton grew up on an acreage just east of Saskatoon and attended high school in Clavet. His interest in dentistry came naturally, as both his father and uncle practised in Saskatoon for over 30 years.

“I love being a dentist. Every day, I get to meet and see people who let me become a piece, however small, of their lives.”

Dr Hamilton likes to establish a rapport with his patients right from the first visit and believes that good relationships and patient education are central to patient care. He also believes in empowering his patients by providing them with the information required to make the best decisions for themselves.

He enjoys performing all aspects of dentistry, with a particular focus on restorative dentistry.

Previously, Dr Dacre Hamilton has been involved in dental brigades in Central and South America, where a group of volunteers from the Canadian dental community provide dental services free of charge for patients in impoverished regions.

After graduation from the College of Dentistry, Hamilton moved to Lloydminster, where he worked in private practice for two years. Following the birth of his first child, he and his wife wanted to return to the Saskatoon area, in order to be closer to family.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at Martensville Dental, as it is an incredible environment with a great team of dentists in Saskatoon.”

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