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We have been going out of our way to make a personal connection, build trust and relieve anxiety since we opened our doors in 2001. We hope to put a smile on your face too!

Saskatoon Dentists & Hygienists

A strong provider/patient relationship is essential to proper care. We have two full-time dentists, a dental therapist and five dental hygienists on our team. You may choose which Saskatoon dentist or hygienist you wish to see. After you have done so, it’s best to stick with that dental professional for ongoing care. We accept newcomers to our city. We also take patients whose regular dentist is not able to meet their needs.

Dr Meyer and Dr Hamilton are local dentists. They returned to Saskatoon after working in other parts of Canada.

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There are a lot of dentists in Saskatoon, but none quite like ours. Our customer satisfaction rating is 97.6%.

Dr Meyer


“I believe in providing quality care based on prevention and when treatment is needed it should be kept to a minimum.”

Dr Hamilton


“I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at Martensville Dental, as it is an incredible environment with a great team of dentists in Saskatoon.”

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