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There are a lot of dentists in Saskatoon, but none quite like ours. Their bios tell part of the story. Their service tells the rest.

Saskatoon Dentists & Hygienists

A strong provider/patient relationship is essential to proper care. We have two full-time dentists, a dental therapist and five dental hygienists on our team. You may choose which Saskatoon dentist or hygienist you wish to see. After you have done so, it’s best to stick with that dental professional for ongoing care. We accept newcomers to our city. We also accept patients transferring from neighbouring dental offices if their services no longer meet your needs.

Dr Meyer and Dr Hamilton are locals, who returned to Saskatoon after working in other parts of Canada. Dao Diep also has strong ties to our beloved city.

Dr Brian Meyer, General Dentist

Dr Brian was raised an hour east of Saskatoon in the town of Humboldt where he was very active playing basketball and baseball. His lifetime passion is fishing, and spent many summer and winter days with his father out on a lake trying to catch “the big one.”

Brian has always had an interest in healthcare and initially decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. In 1992 he graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and due to limited job options in the west ended up moving to Ontario to start his career.

Brian managed a busy community pharmacy in Coburg, Ontario for four years where he developed an appreciation for personally connecting with his patients.

After some self-reflection and a lot of homesickness for the west, Brian decided to go back to school to obtain a degree in dentistry. In 2001 he graduated with great distinction and was awarded a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Upon graduation, Brian was presented with the College of Dentistry Gold Medal for the highest academic standing in his graduating class. After graduation, Brian had a desire to establish a practice in a small-town environment.

In September of 2001, he opened the office in the once small town of Martensville and has been practising in Martensville ever since.

Although the community has grown and changed greatly, Brian still appreciates making a personal connection with his patients, making a positive impact on the community, and providing them with reasonable, compassionate care.

“I believe in providing quality care based on prevention and when treatment is needed it should be kept to a minimum.”

Brian has been a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Dentistry since 2005. He first acted as a clinical instructor in the department of pediatric dentistry and later emergency and diagnosis.

In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his son exploring the outdoors. When not providing dental care Brian enjoys downhill skiing, canoeing, waterskiing and fishing. He also greatly appreciates fishing tips from patients 😉

Dr Dacre Hamilton, General Dentist

Dr Hamilton grew up on an acreage just east of Saskatoon and attended high school in Clavet. His interest in dentistry came naturally, as both his father and uncle practised in Saskatoon for over 30 years.

I love being a dentist. Every day, I get to meet and see people who let me become a piece, however small, of their lives.

Dr Hamilton likes to establish a rapport with his patients right from the first visit and believes that good relationships and patient education are central to patient care. He also believes in empowering his patients by providing them with the information required to make the best decisions for themselves.

He enjoys performing all aspects of dentistry, with a particular focus on restorative dentistry.

Previously, Dr Dacre Hamilton has been involved in dental brigades in Central and South America, where a group of volunteers from the Canadian dental community provide dental services free of charge for patients in impoverished regions.

After graduation from the College of Dentistry, Hamilton moved to Lloydminster, where he worked in private practice for two years. Following the birth of his first child, he and his wife wanted to return to the Saskatoon area, in order to be closer to family.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at Martensville Dental, as it is an incredible environment with a great team of dentists in Saskatoon.

Dao Diep, Denturist (DD)

Dao Diep was only a child when she moved from Vietnam to Edmonton, Alberta. She applied herself to her studies and graduated with honours from high school and college. She finished the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Denturist Program in 2001. She found her way to Saskatoon three years later.

In 2006, she opened a private practice. She even has a mobile service and works with us at the clinic.

Dao Diep offers complete dentures, partial dentures, implant overdentures and immediate dentures.

Dao is SEMCD and BPS certified and continues to study the latest denturist technology and methods.

Diep fell in love with our city and became a big supporter of the local art scene. When she isn’t volunteering, she likes to garden, travel, bake and spend time with her family.