Dr Brian Meyer, Dentist

Dr Brian Meyer is a general dentist, practicing in Martensville, SK. He holds degrees in dentistry and pharmacy. He works as a part-time clinical instructor at USask’s College of Dentistry.

Personal History

Dr Meyer is no stranger to the small-town environment. He grew up in Humboldt, SK and spent four years managing a community pharmacy in Colburg, ON. In 2001, he opened a dental office in Martensville, SK, where he has been practising ever since.

Medical Career

Dr Meyer has always had an interest in healthcare. He developed an appreciation his patients, early in his career. He excels at making personal connections and providing reasonable, compassionate care. He also appreciates any fishing tips his patients can give. 😉

“I believe in providing quality care based on prevention and when treatment is needed it should be kept to a minimum.”

Outside The Office

Fishing is Dr Meyer’s life-long passion. He spent countless hours fishing with his Dad. Now that he is a father, he gets to share the outdoors with his son. He also enjoys skiing, canoeing, waterskiing, basketball and baseball.


Dr Meyer is an approachable academic. He holds two degrees and a doctorate. He received a Gold Metal for the highest academic standing in his graduating class! Now, he works in USask’s emergency and diagnosis department. He has also worked in the department of pediatric dentistry.

Dr Meyer’s Dental Education

Professional Memberships

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